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5 Tips: Decorate Seasonally as a Minimalist

Author | Kiki Wootten

Just because you strive for a decluttered home doesn't mean you can't enjoy decorating for the seasons. Decorating your home is a way to express yourself, showcase your values & memories, and let's be's just plain fun, too! You can have the best of both worlds, and we're here to help!

5 tips to help you decorate for the seasons as a minimalist:

  1. Shop secondhand. Starting off strong with my favorite tip! This one comes straight from Morgan, the Minimalist Queen, herself. I love the way Morgan describes secondhand stores as "libraries". You can purchase items for a certain holiday or event at a great price, and then donate those items back into the "system" after they have served their purpose. This theory helps me feel not so attached to my "things", while also being intentional about what I'm bringing in [and out!] of my home. Love, love, love. Thanks, Morgan!

  2. Get flexible pieces. When shopping for seasonal decor, look for pieces that can work for multiple occasions. So, for example, maybe you opt for the textured burnt orange throw blanket over the black & orange one that reads, "Happy Halloween!". You're more likely to enjoy that orange throw throughout the winter months instead of just Halloween season. Make sense? Let me be very clear, though, getting a few holiday-specific items it 100% ok, too. It's all about that balance. *Pro tip: Switch out a few "everyday" items with holiday/seasonal inspired ones. Examples: mugs, kitchen towels, door mats, etc. This way, instead of adding more, you can see it as "switching out" for the time being.

  3. Add natural elements. Hear me out, now. Go stand in your yard and look around. Is there anything you can cut and bring inside? I bet there is! Evergreens are stunning when cut & kept in a jar indoors. Keep in mind: dried, textured florals and branches are very "fall". Don't have a yard to hack up? Grab some scissors and show up at a friend or family member's house. That's not too weird, right? :)

  4. DIY garlands. I look forward to making one every year! It's fun & easy, and a great activity to do with kids / grandkids / nieces & nephews while sipping on a warm drink. I've made beautiful, simple garlands using dried citrus fruits and newspaper, but ​here​ are a plethora of other ideas to get you inspired!

  5. Play with texture. Texture is your secret weapon! Swap out your lightweight summer throw for a cozy, chunky knit in the winter. Replace your smooth silk pillow covers with a rustic, natural linen texture for a taste of autumn. Texture adds depth and dimension without cluttering your space with unnecessary items. I love ​this​ blogpost written by Heidi from "Eleanor Rose Home" wherein she discusses tapping into your 5 senses when decorating for fall.

Happy decorating!

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