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5 Minimalist Packing Tips for the Holidays

Author | Kiki Wootten

'Tis the season for traveling to see family & friends. If you're anything like me, you tend to be an over-packer (yeah, I admit it). As it turns out, most folks are. WHY do we do this? In my experience, it's because I always think I need way more than I do, and/or because I procrastinate on packing until the very last minute. These bad habits lead to lugging around unnecessary items and feeling disorganized and unprepared. So, to help you have stress-free prep for your upcoming holiday travels, I've created a list of strategies that have helped me immensely as I get ready to travel.

5 Minimalist Packing Tips

  1. Make a Packing List - Doing this will help you remember to pack things folks tend to forget: chargers, medications, sunglasses, etc.

  2. Plan Your Outfits - Clear off your bed (or any other large flat surface) and lay out your outfits. Trust me on this one! This will save you from packing all those unnecessary clothes you think you "might" need. Tip: mix and match clothes! Stick to a neutral color palette to create various outfit combinations. This might be hard for some of you to hear, but...just because you'll be gone for 5 days doesn't necessarily mean you need to pack 5 pair of pants. It's ok to re-wear some items, promise! :) Oh, and keep in mind the weather! Look it up before you go.

  3. Keep Footware Simple - Shoes can be bulky and take up valuable space in your suitcase. Minimize the number of pairs you bring by selecting versatile shoes that can be dressed up or down. Consider your planned activities and pack one pair of comfortable walking shoes and another pair suitable for more formal occasions. Wear your bulkiest shoes on travel days to save even more space.

  4. Pack the Night Before - Avoid the last-minute packing frenzy by preparing your luggage the night before your departure. Make sure everything fits comfortably in your bag. This simple step can eliminate travel-day stress and help you start your journey with a calm and collected mindset.

  5. Streamline Toiletries and Cosmetics - Instead of bringing your entire beauty arsenal, focus on the essentials. Transfer your favorite cosmetics into a smaller travel bag. Transfer liquids into travel-sized containers to comply with airline regulations and to save space. Embrace multipurpose products that can serve multiple functions. Tip: Did you know that ​Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap​ has SO many uses? When I travel, I put some in a travel-sized bottle and use it for shampoo, body wash & face wash. It's a nifty way to save valuable space in your toiletry bag.

Remember, the key to minimalist travel is to prioritize experiences over possessions. By simplifying your packing process and embracing a less-is-more mindset, you'll be free to savor every moment of your holiday adventure.

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