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holistic home care

decluttering + organizing + cleaning


It's time to kickstart your decluttering journey!

A lot of times when we're feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to keep going or even start a project.

My 10 Decluttering Tips are a helpful way to get that momentum going again and move forward in your decluttering journey!

These tips are the same ones I teach my clients to help break the cycle of decision paralysis and keep the energy going!

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I'm Morgan, an artist and passionate organizer.

I have a background in fine art and graphic design. 

I've always had a love for spatial planning and organization, and helping others to feel empowered in improving their spaces. 

I believe the state of our home can significantly impact our mental clarity, emotional flexibility, and creativity. What we put into it, it gives back. A well organized and balanced space, free from excess clutter calms the mind and allows us to take a deep breath;  inviting clarity and order into all aspects of our life.


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Residential Organizing
From closets to kitchens and garages, whatever you need help with, we've got you covered!

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Small Businesses
Small business owners and entrepreneurs wear A LOT of hats - it's easy to get overwhelmed and feel scattered! Humble Home helps with office organization (home or on site), digital organization, and productivity.

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Moving Services
We help with pre-move decluttering, packing and unpacking. Moving is stressful enough - let us help keep it organized!

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House Cleaning
We know that with busy schedules, keeping up with home cleaning tasks can be...well, a chore! Let us take care of the details so you can have time to enjoy what really matters. 

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Morgan has been helping me organize my apartment virtually. Her approach is judgement-free, creative, and thoughtful! What I think is amazing about her is that she takes time to listen to me and understand my values, needs, and wants.

This means that the things she recommends are personalized and relevant to what I actually can and will do, nothing is pre-prescribed. She also helps me understand how to build on the skills and work that we are doing. I've even noticed that in the time I've been working with her, I've become more confident making decisions on my own and understanding what I actually want. (I even have helped a friend with some decluttering!)

I would recommend her services to anyone!

- Maurine C

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