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Prescription for Neatness: Inside the Medicine Cabinet

Author | Kiki Wootten

I hope this blogpost finds you in good health, unlike my recent bout with COVID. I’ve somehow been able to dodge it for three and a half years, so it was finally my turn, I guess. Lemme tell ya, *ugh*. I 100% do NOT recommend. And let's face it, when you're feeling under the weather, the last thing you want to do is embark on a scavenger hunt through your medicine cabinet. Or worse, you do find the bottle you need just to see that it expired in 2020. Yikes. So, today, I'm here to share some minimalist wisdom on how to declutter and organize your medicines effortlessly.

5 simple steps to declutter and organize your medicine cabinet:

  1. Empty it Out: Start by taking everything out of your medicine cabinet. Lay it all out on a clean surface, so you can see exactly what you have.

  2. Expiry Date Check: Go through each medicine and check for expiration dates. I promise you that the Advil that expired 6 months ago isn’t as effective as it once was. Toss it!

  3. Group Similar Items: Group medicines with similar purposes together. Here’s the fun part! *Pushes up glasses* Personalize your categories according to your needs and the needs of each household member. Common categories are: prescription medications, first aid, supplements & vitamins, home remedies, pain management, children’s medicine, oral care, etc. Do whatever makes the most sense to YOU! For instance, in my household, it’s just me and my husband. We’ve been able to categorize all of our items into 3 bins: medicine & supplements, first aid, and oral care. Easy peasy! *Pro tip: Keep any daily vitamins/medicines out in front or, better yet, in their own separate easy-to-access bin!

  4. Storage Bins: You know the drill. Clear storage bins are our love language. These are not only functional, but also keep your cabinet looking tidy.

  5. Label Everything: Label your storage bins with clear, easy-to-read labels. This ensures that you and your family can quickly locate the medicine you need exactly when you need it!

And voilà! Your medicine cabinet has transformed from a chaotic abyss to an oasis of serenity, ready to offer solace when you need it most.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know how you organize your medicines. Are there any clever tricks or DIY hacks you've implemented for efficient medicine cabinet organization? Stay healthy and happy out there, friends!

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