OMG Shoes!

Author | Morgan Paixao

Shoes. They seem to have a mind of their own if we don't stay vigilant with keeping them organized. It can be so easy to get home from a long day and flig them any ol' place as soon as we walk through the door. Or maybe you are a no-shoes in the house person? Yay you! - that sounds sarcastic, but I mean it!! I've been trying to implement this for some time in our house, but it always fails about a week in. So regardless of if you're in need of some encouragement on getting started, ideas for a new system, or are just curious about what else you can do with you shoes - this post is for everyone! Let's dive in.

First things first, before choosing the organization method for you or revamping your current situation, it's a good idea to pull all your shoes out and go through them. While doing so, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do they fit correctly and are comfortable?

  • Do you enjoy wearing them and feel good/confident when doing so?

  • How multifunctional or multi-seasonal are they?

Determine what stays and what moves on. One thing I like to do before donating a pair of shoes is give them a quick cleanup. I like to think about the person perusing the thrift store and stumbling upon them, I want them to find them in the best condition possible. Maybe that means replacing a pair of laces or giving them a quick scrub before sending them off to Goodwill.

Okay now that you've decided on what to keep, let's talk about types of storage!

Bamboo Stackable 3-Tier (Wayfair $46.99) *Current sale price

Bamboo Stackable 2-Tier (The Container Store, $29.99/ea) *Shown as two stacked

Yamazaki Home Metal + Wood (Urban Outfitters, $110) *Also available in black metal

There are so many beautiful freestanding racks out there made from natural materials. Personally, I love wood or bamboo racks. These would be perfect for shoes living in plain sight or in a closet paired with wooden hangers. I also love the simplicity and modern designs from Yamazaki Home! This standing rack has a wood top that would be great for keys or other 'out-the-door' items (wallet, phone, etc...). I could totally see this on display in a bedroom or entryway.

Wire 4-Tier (Wayfair $26.99) *Current sale price

Boot 2-Tier (Bed Bath & Beyond, $19.99) *Shown as two stacked

Boot Tray (Wayfair, $30.99) *Also available in black metal

Okay so this category is for the shoes that play outside and get dirty! Housing them on something that can easily get wiped down or sprayed with a hose will make your life so much easier! These racks would do best in a garage or mudroom. For the boot tray - I think everyone could benefit from having one of these right by the front door. Perfect for catching shoes on a rainy or snowy day or even just as a placeholder for guests shoes if you want to implement the shoes at the door policy!

Mesh + Metal Over the Door (Bed Bath & Beyond, $29.99)

Closet Rack System (Target, $42.49)

White Metal (Wayfair, $24.99)

Alrighty moving on to our hanging shoe racks! These can be fantastic space savers for homes that don't have a whole lot of extra space or storage. When your square footage feels limited - go vertical!

I wanted to briefly talk about the Closet Rack System from Target. (middle image). This is such a cool multi-purpose system. It can be used for shoes, sweaters, or accessories. I could see this in a regular or walk-in closet. For a walk-in closet, this could be a nice way to have that custom feel without the expense of going all out for a full closet system. It's one simple piece that can serve a lot of purposes!

Kid's Shoes - Cubby System

12-Pair Organizer (The Container Store, $39.99)

So clearly, adults can use a cubby system too! But, I thought this was actually a really great solution for kid's shoes. They make it easy for putting things away and can be multipurpose. Cubbies feel like little homes for whatever their housing, in this case, shoes. Make putting them away at the end of the day into a fun story by tucking them in and saying goodnight! I also love that the size and structure of a cubby system like this one from The Container Store is on the child's level. This could be in a closet or out in a bedroom with the