New Year, New Energy!

5 Simple Ways to Change Up the Flow of Energy in Your Home

Author | Morgan Paixao

I hope the change of the calendar year has gotten your inspirational juices flowing for what the possibilities of 2021 could be! For me, this time of year is so exciting, it’s a time to evaluate, set goals and intentions, and generally shake things up. So with that wave of energy and enthusiasm we ride from the New Year, let’s carry that all the way into our homes. I’m imagining a cool surfer pup riding that wave baby - oh right, there's the internet for that, we don’t have to imagine...

(ps. this WILL be the best spent minute of your day, guaranteed)

So with all that, here’s 5 simple ways to bring some new energy into your space and welcome in the New Year!

Locate Your ‘Dead Zones’

Take a quick stroll around your home, is there a specific spot that hasn’t changed in months...maybe years? If you can’t see this particular area or areas, LOOK AGAIN, because chances are it’s probably just melted away into the background and hard to notice upon first glance. Now really examine this space - is it serving you well (hint...probably not!)? Can you take items that have been collecting there and move them to a more suitable home or donate/discard them?

For me, this was the space directly next to our front door. We don’t have a ‘proper entry’ as the fancies would say, so I put a small end table there where we could house our dog’s ‘on the go’ items (leash, bags, etc…). Directly underneath this table was a larger basket for muddy shoes and things that could be caught at the door.

In theory, not such a bad idea right? A little home for things that needed to be close to this threshold. However, after really considering this space, I realized it just wasn’t serving us enough to justify being there. The basket had turned into a catch for shoes that were past the point of wearing and too torn up to be repaired. And the dog basket, well it easily fit on the shelf in our entry closet, tucked away when the doors are closed. Moving everything from this one space completely opened up the entry (and thus living room) area, it now feels so much more appealing and clean.

Rearrange Artwork

It can be so easy to let artwork live right where you first put it for years and thus even harder to imagine it someplace else in your home. Here’s some quick tips to get the juices flowing!

  • Take down the pieces you want to swap around and place them all together in another room.

  • Seeing them in one collection may spark some inspiration and you can start to envision new groupings or pairs with pieces who hadn’t previously ‘lived together’.

  • Use an outside perspective to help see combinations or locations that you may not think of, you can Facetime a family member or close friend and get their thoughts!

  • Above all else - take a risk! Have fun with it! You can always move it back ;)

Change out Bedding/Throw Blankets

Now I’m not saying you need to go out and buy a new bedding set, although if you feel like treating yourself - get it girl! You can easily switch things up by moving some throw blankets or pillows around throughout your home.

Photo // Nicole Hostetter (AKA one of Humble Home's blog superstars)

Do you have a set of sheets you use specifically for your guest bedroom? Maybe try them out in your room, see how it feels! Who knows, maybe you’ll feel like a guest in your own home. I don’t know, live a little! You can also move throw pillows that normally stay on your couch and use them for your bed, perhaps they have a different color scheme or texture and will bring something entirely new to the space! Get creative, you may realize there’s a combination of sheets/blankets that you’ve never used before that you quite like. Just like with rearranging artwork - try not to get bogged down in what is ‘usually there’ have some fun and play around.

Treat Yourself to Some Flowers

We’re now entering that stretch of winter that can feel a bit bleak if you’re not too careful. Make it a point to treat your home (and yourself!) to some living beauty that will enrich your day-to-day. Local florists will have flowers available throughout the year (For Harrisonburg I love Sparrow’s Floral Design and Blakemore’s Flowers). But if you just need to snag some on your evening grocery run here’s a couple tips:

  • Don’t buy dyed grocery store flowers (they just don’t look good and you know it!)

  • Aim for light, neutral colors for a more modern vibe

  • Add greens or dried pieces from your yard (or a friend’s) to create a more authentic feeling arrangement.


During the winter, we do our best to keep our homes tightly sealed to keep that precious heat in! The downside - we don’t get lovely, fresh circulating air. Stagnant air can be a total drag and even worse (imo) when it’s super dry. Make sure to have a humidifier going at least in your bedroom while you’re sleeping or if you have a wood burning stove, a pot of water on top during the day that you can keep an eye on. In addition, adding scents to the air can energize or calm you, depending on what vibe you’re going for.

Energizing Scents:

Citrus Family (Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit)

Mint Family (Spearmint, Peppermint)

Tea Tree

Calming Scents:




Ways to Add Scent to Your Space

  • Candles

  • Room spray

  • If you live near a Trader Joe’s, this is my absolute favorite spray here.

  • Diffuser

  • Water pot (AKA ‘Stovetop Potpourri’)

I hope these ideas get you excited to start shaking things up in your space! Happy New Year!

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