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BTS: Room Layout Project

Today I'm going to be showing you a little behind the scenes from work I'm doing with a Virtual Organizing client. I hope you come away from today with some inspiration and motivation for your space! Let's get to it!

Room Flow

For this particular client, their bedroom was split into two very distinct areas. While you may see these before's and think - oh they're going to move the bed closer to the window....we're actually not. The reason is a bit unique to the house. Since this is an older home, the floor declines in a subtle yet noticeable way on the window end of the room - which had impacted sleeping for this client and their partner when they had originally had that arrangement.

So if we're not moving the bed...then what are we doing?

We talked in depth about the needs of this space and concluded that the front/window area would feel really nice as a much more intentional dressing space. An elevated version of what it is now.

The Layout

Here's a peek at the layout changes I made:

  • Moving the tall dresser into the corner puts the largest, heaviest piece in an anchored position.

  • By putting it on an angle, we've soften the corner and the overall presence of the dresser, making for an inviting and approachable layout.

  • Now, I've added a couple product suggestions into the space as well:

    • Full-length mirror (with more OOMPH!) we actually found a fantastic wooden one on FB Marketplace (I'll show you in just a moment!)

    • Garment rack - a lovely piece to signal that this is in fact an intentional dressing space. I've also placed it the opposite corner from the dresser for balance with the taller pieces.

    • We may also add a few decorative baskets for catching clothes/other items later on!

The (In-Progress!) Result!

Already you can see how this part of the room has a lovely, inviting presence! I love that such simple changes can make a BIG difference!

Interested in Virtual Organizing for your space? Let's chat!

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