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A Miniseries - Storing Sentimental Items, Week 3

Author | Kiki Wootten

Welcome to the grand finale of our miniseries on how to store and cherish those precious sentimental items. We've already explored the art of preserving memories in a book as well as tucking them away in a pretty box. My third and final tip for you (and my personal favorite) is…

Display your keepsakes as home decor!

Far too often, I see folks keep things just for the sake of keeping them. Things get shoved in basements or attics for years and years, completely neglected and forgotten about. And here’s the harsh truth: that’s not really honoring those memories, is it? In fact, I’d argue it’s quite the opposite.

There are a lot of ways you might consider turning your treasures into meaningful decor. Think:

  • wall hangings

  • shadow boxes

  • or even elegant glass mason jars for those tiny treasures

I was at a friend’s house the other day and she very lovingly had her grandpa’s handkerchief displayed in a small shadow box. It was heart-warming to see (and a great conversation starter!). You're not just storing; you're creating a living memory gallery right in your home.

A quick personal example - I have beautiful memories of tea parties with my grandma as a little girl. She bequeathed her entire tea set to me a few years ago. Now, I could have stored all 47 pieces of the entire set away, but that seemed wasteful. Instead, I selected one teacup and saucer. (Remember, it doesn’t always have to be all or nothing!) It's now proudly displayed in my living room, and every time I see it, I'm reminded of those lovely times with my sweet grandma. The best part? It's a daily reminder of the bond we share.

✨ Closing Thoughts ✨

I hope this miniseries has been helpful for your sentimental clutter conundrums. Let's honor our memories by giving them the respect they deserve while decluttering sensibly.

Don't forget to check out Morgan's ebook, "The Guide to Letting Go” here. It's a must-read to help you make those tough decisions when it comes to your sentimental items. You'll be determined and empowered to make those difficult decisions about your sentimental clutter.

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