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5 Things to Declutter Today: Fall Edition

Author | Kiki Wootten

We’ve all heard of “Spring Cleaning”, but I’m here to introduce you to it’s not-as-well-known-but-oh-so-important cousin:

“Fall Decluttering”.

In the warmer months, we typically spend less time in our spaces and more time outside: traveling, gardening, camping, etc. As the weather begins to cool, however, we begin to transition and spend more time in our homes. As we prepare to hunker down inside our homes with loved ones this upcoming season, let’s do ourselves a favor and create a space that inspires peace, tranquility, and a sense of joy.

So, pals, grab your slippers and a cup of hot coffee or tea (or spiked cider - we don’t judge ‘round here), and let’s get to nesting!

5 things to declutter today:

1. Kids craft supplies

2. Kitchen Spices

3. Candles

4. Throw blankets

5. Board Games

  • Tip: Have you ever thought of starting a weekly game night with your family? If you have kids, then you can get them involved & excited about the tradition by separating the more “kid-friendly” games and putting them in a lower cabinet or shelf; this will inspire them to independently grab the game they’re wanting to play that week!

Loving reminder from your clutter coaches: We want to encourage you to think about decluttering, perhaps, in a different way. It’s not always about getting rid of as many things as possible. Think about it this way: the goal is to only have things in your home that you absolutely love. So, if you have 5 throw blankets, and you get rid of 3 that you just don’t use or like, that means you finally have space for that super cute & cozy throw blanket you’ve had your eye on at Target! Yeah, I see you. Decluttering not only encourages us to get rid of unnecessary and unused items, but also creates an opportunity to bring new fun items into our home.

What are some other things you like to declutter in preparation for fall?

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